Privacy Policy

We manage your personal information (information for the purposes of identification) very carefully; this site is operated based on the following policies:

Collection and use of personal information

The email address you use on this site is used exclusively for data transmission (sending Cocoti's mobile site URL). Your email address will not be saved once this information has been sent.


This site uses cookies (a form of data that stores information about the user on their PC) to enhance the user's experience. Most browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies, but it is possible to configure browsers to reject them or to notify the user when they are being saved.

Log collection

Cocoti keeps a log of access status as well as a log of files downloaded from this site. These logs are used exclusively for statistical purposes, and cannot be used to identify individual users. The information is not shared with third parties.

Regarding changes to the privacy policy

Cocoti reserves the right to amend, in part or in whole, its privacy policy in the future. In the event of changes to the privacy policy, we will notify users in the manner we deem to be most appropriate (which may include announcing the changes on our website).

Regarding inquiries

Please contact us on the following number if you have any queries or comments:

[ Enquiries ]
Cocoti Management Office
TEL:03-5774-0124 (Reception Hours: 10AM - 6PM)